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Wakfupedia, Wakfu TCG Card Reference
Ankama ceases development for Wakfu TCG
Ankama announced on Monday, December 12 2011, that it had to abandon the development of Wakfu TCG and cancel the upcoming releases. Tournaments and events will still be held by Ankama until March 31, 2012, but past that date, its involvement in the game will become minimal. Major tournaments such as the Championnat de France, however, have been cancelled.
There are three reasons behind this decision:
  • The game is considered too complex and caters mostly to existing CCG players, or even hardcore gamers. This has resulted in low interest in the game from Ankama's target audience and a very small community.
  • Since the end of their partnership with Upper Deck, Ankama has had difficulty maintaining the production of cards with the same quality and forming new partnerships.
  • Due in great part to those first two points, the game hasn't been able to become (or remain) profitable after two years, resulting in a loss of trust from resellers and other partners, and, ultimately, Ankama itself.
What this means for Wakfupedia
As far as we are concerned, the impact is reduced for the English community. The existence of official events wasn't relevant to begin with, so it's mostly just a matter of not receiving new cards anymore. There is still an existing pool of nearly 1,500 cards to play with, and the plugin is still going to come out, so while the game won't evolve anymore, it will remain playable as we were intending from the start.
So Wakfupedia will remain online in both languages, translation will continue until the entire card library is completed, and the plugin is still coming out as soon as we manage to finish it.
As a sidenote, for those of you who were interested in buying French cards for the art or any other reason, now would probably be the best time to look around auction sites and trade forums for good deals while some players try to get rid of them, and before stocks run out in regular stores.