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Wakfupedia is a website that compiles information about the Wakfu TCG collectible card game, produced by Ankama and Studio 1D, companies to which Wakfupedia is entirely unrelated.

Some of the illustrations on the site, such as the game's cards, are the exclusive property of those companies. All other illustrations were made by Wakfupedia's team for Wakfupedia. You may not use them without written consent.
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If you would like to use elements or information provided by Wakfupedia, you can contact us and let us know about your inquiries.

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We would like to thank everyone who have taken part in this site and still do, as well as our users for their bug reports, suggestions and many supportive e-mails.

Visual credit goes to:
  • Jonat : Renowned illustrator boasting a large portfolio, in part Ankama-related; the site's book design is by him. You can find some of his work on his website: Jonat's website [FR]

  • Kura : Talented illustrator, he took care of several "immature dhreller" illustrations, our site's mascot. You can check out his blog for his latest creations: Kura's Blog [FR]

  • Cédric : Cédric is the developer of this website and the person who keeps it online. You can offer him one or two cup of coffee via Paypal.